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Santa Fe Cosmology Workshop 2009 July 14, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in Cosmology.

I am now in Santa Fe cosmology workshop 2009. I have been here for 1.5 weeks. I will be here for 1.5 more weeks. As the title suggested, it is on cosmology. The talks are online. If you are interested in cosmology, you can check it out here . Some of them are pretty boring, though I am not going to name them. Our colleagues Kwan Chuen Chan and Eyal Kazin at room 538 also gave talks there. Since there are a lot of stuffs going on here. I will shut up until I go back to New York.



1. Jo - July 16, 2009

Nice talk!

Is this a workshop or a summer school? The review talks seem rather long… Are you going to any other workshops this summer?

2. keithkchan - July 16, 2009

Hi Jo
This is an informal workshop. Probably in the middle between a summer school and a workshop.
I am not going anywhere any more. Enough travelling for me. See you at NY.

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