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Some Foolish Stuffs April 1, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in fun stuffs.

Today I saw some foolish stuffs. Thanks to my colleagues, I realize that today is April Fools’ Day. Since I haven’t updated this blog for some time, I would like to share them here.

First, I saw a piece of news of Miss Universe in BBC’s web site. The title is Guantanamo ‘fun’ – Miss Universe. It was about a visit of the Miss Universe to Guantanamo Bay. They then wrote on the blog that it was so “soooo beautiful” that they did not want to go. Oh come on that was a prison, hundred of prisoners were suffering there. Do they have any sense? I have long suspected that many of the Miss Whatever does not have a brain. It seems to confirm my conjecture. Not surprising, other viewers are also pissed off by their stupid remarks, e.g. one said “”My God! Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. This is horrendous.” (BTW, fortunately, although I often say stupid things here, nobody so far come and kick my S =) ). Unfortunately, the Miss Universe did it a few days before Fools’ day. No excuse.

Another  fun/stupid news is about a paper posted on the arXiv today 0903.5377 (Thanks to my colleague Mr Ben for drawing my attention to this horrendous paper).  They claim that they have found that some rare clusters, whose morphology was so weired that they look like letters, and they go on to claim that it was signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. Their interpretation is no different from that people think they see elephants, monkeys, bananas, human face in the clouds. Their interpretations also reveal they have no sense of how laws of physics limit what living organisms can do (Of course they are astronomers, I should not blame them for not knowing physics).  Later my colleagues remind me that today is stupid people’s day. They are free to do whatever they think that are right. Fine. They can do whatever they like today. But I do expect that they should put version 2 on the arXiv to replace the stupid version tomorrow.

That’s the end of my April Fools’ stuff.



1. duncatani - April 10, 2009

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