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Summer School Time March 20, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in Anouncement.

Although it is not yet summer, it is time to prepare for your summer iternary. As a graduate student, I think it is a good idea to go to some summer schools. Since the lectures during the summer school is rather condensed and intense, you probably don’t expect to really learn much things in depth unless  you have some basic backgrounds. However, another main reason for going to such gatherings is that you can meet many people with similar interests. It will be fun.

For me the biggest reason for going to such events is that I can travel around afterwards. So I prefer to go to as far as possible, it will be better if it is on the other continents, like Europe. Some time ago I went to the ICTP summer school, the courses were very intense and I slept during the lecture because of the jeg lag, I did not learn much during the courses. But I do remember something. Since Trieste, where ICTP is located, is at the seashore, there were many beaches, naked beaches, which were of course awesome. I also remember I travelled to Slovenia, Croatia, Rome and Venice. It was really fun. Incidentally, ICTP was established by Abdus Salam, who had devoted a lot for development of science in developing countries. I have tremendous respect for him, despite the fact that he was highly religious.

Hopefully you are convinced it is a good idea to go to summer school. I am interested in cosmology. Unfortunately, I can’t find any in Europe this year. There is one at PI, Exploring the Cosmological Frontiers . It is more high energy oriented. My advisor recommends this one, Santa Fe Cosmology Summer Workshop. Though it is in a far and remote state, New Mexico, it does not satisfy my main criterion, I have sent an email to apply. Hopefully I will succeed. If you are not sure which one to go, ask your advisor for recommendations.



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