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3D images March 2, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in fun stuffs.

My friend Mr Zurab recently made a picture for me. This picture looks pretty wired, right? In fact if you have 3D goggles, you brain interpret this picture as 3D. The 3D goggles for this kind of home-made 3D picture is rather simple, for one eye, it allows only red light, the other eye only sees green light. The picture is also easy to make. First, you take a picture, and then take another one with the camera shift by some distance, say 20 cm. During the interval that these two pictures are taken, the objects to be shot should be kept constant. These two pictures are processed using some free software like StereoPhoto Maker so that one picture becomes green and the other red. These two images are superposed together with small separation. Then you can put on the 3D goggles to see at which separation you see 3D effect.

Since each eye only sees a layer of the picture, with some separation. This is similar to what our eyes see 3D images. Because the small distance between the two eyeballs, they see slightly different images. The brain them combine the images together to generate the 3D impression. The same applies for the simple image here.



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