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Mukhanov’s cosmology course February 20, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in Cosmology.

Although it is my pleasure to shut up, I’d better keep this blog from rusty. I decide to talk about the recent cosmology course given by Mukhanov here at NYU.

He is a Russian, and his English is definitely Russian English. I need to concentrate to understand what the hell he talks about. Besides his Russian English, his teaching is very good, as far as I can tell from his first class. He can elaborate complicated things in simple terms. For example he derived the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric in a few lines. In this sense he is similar to Gruzinov. Is it generally true that Russians can simplify complicated things and make them easy to understand?

Apparently his lecture follows his book, the Physical Foundations of Cosmology . This book, at least the first chapter, is rather easy to understand. He tries to make things as clear as possible. Recently I tried to find some readable materials on de Sitter space. I could not find it in the common cosmology textbooks. In his book, he give rather detailed description to the de Sitter space. One can derive the metric of dS spacetime by embedding a hyperboloid in Minkowski spacetime. The dS metric can be expressed in terms of spatially closed, flat and open coordinate systems, although only the closed one can cover the whole manifold. I think this is an excellent textbook for cosmology.

In fact, he gave similar lecture at PI, so if you are interested in you can see the video online. Since the sound quality of the video is not very good, I tried and I could not bear his Russian English.



2. keithkchan - May 23, 2009

This is the first time somebody say that my post is interesting explicitly. Thanks to you too!

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