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Happy Birthday Mr Darwin February 12, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in fun stuffs, Philosophy, Whatever.

I heard that this year is some anniversary of Charles Darwin for some time. When I look around other blogs, I learn that today is Mr Darwin’s 200 birthday. Although I am not a biologist, I love science, and Darwin’s evolution is a beautiful theory.

From my previous criticism on the stupid creationist, you may know that I believe in evolution. But I believe in evolution is not because Mr Darwin told us so, not just because we look like chimpanzee. This theory has been found to be in agreement with a lot of evidences. There are thousands of fossil records, which enable us trace out the evolution tracks of species. We have sequenced the genes of many species. For example, our genes are more than 90% similar to the chimpanzees. In medicine, we have seen the evolution at work many times, although this time it is undesirable. When we attack the virus or bacteria with some medicine, the medicine kill all those strains that are not resistant to the drug, and only the resistant strain survives. Technically it is said that a strong selection pressure is applied. Before other non-resistant strains are killed, they compete with resistant strains for food and mate. Since selection pressure killed the non-resistant strains, the resistant strain take over the whole species. The species becomes resistant to the drug. That is one of the reason why curing AIDS is so difficult.

When people see the complexity of the species in our world, which is beyond their imagination, so they cook up the stupid creationism. This stupid idea (note that it is qualified to be called a theory since it has no predictive power at all) has no foundations, well except those people believe in the Book written one thousand years ago by some people. If the universe if created by some intelligent stuff, which is usually called God, according to those creationists’ logic, God has to be created by some super-God, which may be created by Super-Super-God, blah, blah, blah. On the other hand, evolution is a very slow process, the species evolves adaptively based on the environment.

Those religious people often attacks evolution saying some of the links are not clear, for example from fish to reptiles. There are more and more fossils discovered. I think the complete picture will be possible soon. But if you think about those religious people’s attack, you will find it silly. Suppose there are two jigsaw puzzles, the one representing evolution has been filled say 70%, the one representing creationism is empty. The religion people then tell you to believe the Holy Book and the jigsaw has been filled completely although you can’t see it. They then say the evolution one is 30% not filled, it must be wrong. Which one do you believe? Surprisingly, they are quite a lot of people believe in religion one.

So if you want a satisfactory explanation of the Nature, evolution is only theory that you can trust. Of course evolution tells us that if somebody proposes another theory with better agreement with the evidences, we will accept that theory as the working theory. This is spirit of evolution, survival of the fittest. Happy birthday to Mr Darwin.



1. Joe - February 18, 2009

it’s interesting to see how the effect of Darwin’s theories have “evolved” in western societies

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