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Keith is chickening out January 12, 2009

Posted by keithkchan in Anouncement.

It is kind of sad to tell you guys that this is my last post on this blog. I have decided to chicken out. Let me tell you the reasons for this decision.

First, the initial reasons to start this seem to me no longer valid. Authoring this blog help me to convince myself that graduate life is not so boring. In fact, there are a lot of challenges, we are damn busy people. Second, my colleagues at Room 538 seem not so enthusiastic, and I essentially become the only author of this blog. That’s cool in some sense. But then I have come up something interesting to say regularly. This gives me some (unnecessary) pressure. Thirdly, I used to comment on other people’s blog before starting this blog. However, I could not do it after starting this blog since I have to take care of this blog. A few days ago, I started commenting again. It was great. I can interact with some very smart people. (Of course the readers of the Blackboard are also very smart. But not every smart person talks a lot.)

So I am retiring from this blog. But I will not leave the blogospere. I like the blogosphere! Instead I will spend more time reading others’ blog, and make some comments if I have. If you like our blog, I am sure you will like the blogs in our blog roll. They are doing a much better job than I do. I will definitely spend more time on them.

I would like to thank you for you guys’ continuous support for this blog, and I enjoy your company. It is a great experience to write a blog. Finally I leave my contact here, in particular for those who don’t know me in person. My email is
kcc274 (You know what to put here, right?) nyu.edu

Update: after these few days, I realize I want to write and I also have talked a friend who convinced me that I should continue. First I am here not to please anybody. So if I don’t have anything smart or stupid to say, or I don’t have time, I just shut up. If it turns out that nobody is pleased, at very least myself is pleased. I should not feel stressful to post. Another thing is that reading a blog is different from writing a blog, just like reading paper vs writing a paper. Only reading papers will not enable a graduate student to graduate, he/she must write his/her own paper. I am convinced that I should continue. Hope you guys keep on visiting this blog.



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