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Woman=Evil December 12, 2008

Posted by keithkchan in fun stuffs.

This week I am busy with exams, in particular QFT, so I am rather quiet. However, my colleague Eyal gave me a beautiful proof, I can’t help share with you guys.

When you date a girl, it will cost you both money and time, so we have Woman=Money \times Time(Eq.1). According to the common wisdom, money is the root of evil. In mathematical notation, this is Money=\sqrt{Evil}(Eq.2). Every busy person knows that time is money, i.e. Time=Money(Eq.3). Putting Eq.(2) and Eq.(3) into Eq.(1), we arrive at Woman=Evil.

According to Mr Eyal, this proof is well-known. Note that any fault of this proof is not mine, don’t blame me. In case there exists some female reader of this blog, and she finds it offensive, I am sorry about that. You may try to find to any loophole of this proof. OK, I should go back to my QFT exam now…



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