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Which is more beautiful? November 7, 2008

Posted by keithkchan in fun stuffs.

physics and naked girls

The first girl may be called Relativity, the second girl Maxwell  and the fourth QFT. The third one is more difficult for me. Maybe we can call her Classical Physics. Now let’s have a poll. Which one is more beautiful? You can judge it from the view point of an ordinary human being (I assume every reader of the Blackboard belongs to this group). You can also judge it from the vintage point of a physicist if you know these equations. Let me know in the comment.



1. sjoert - November 7, 2008

Clearly, one should consider both viewpoints simultaneously. Only a fool will not use an interdisciplinary approach when faced with this problem.

My vote is: Relativity.

2. Keith - November 7, 2008

I agree with you that when we think about problems we should take all aspect into considerations. However, a smart person should also be able to make his/her decision from different viewpoint. So my question to ask you to judge from different viewpoint makes sense.

3. David - November 7, 2008

I totally agree with Sjoert with a strong inclination towards the ordinary human being point of view- physics corrections are too small at these scales 😛
Maxwell equations have always fascinated me!

4. Ahmes - November 10, 2008

Mathematically, these equations are all trivial, so the only question is of personal preference. Taking an approximate ratio of 1.6180339887, we clearly see that the Fibonacci Sum of the first and second becomes mildly acceptable.

5. keithkchan - November 10, 2008

Well, then you don’t know anything about physics! The good theory is not whether is mathematically complicated or not. The good theory is whether it can explain what we have observed and it can predict correctly what we will see. BTW, the major difference between science and religion is that the religionists never ever make a testable prediction. In fact, we regard the mathematically simplicity as physically beautiful.

6. me - November 17, 2008

Number 2 wins. Nothing makes you forget physics like a beautiful woman (that is, if you are in to women), and for me it is number 2.

7. fizikosi - November 19, 2008

I think second one can be more easily stripped to “truth”. 🙂 Although, stipping it will make marvelous things to expose. 🙂 I choose second from left. 😀

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